What we did?

We are new generation the Thai Farmer . We are smart farmer.

smart Information ,planing and Communication Technologies (ICT) into agriculture, leading to what can be called Smart Farmer. This is newly vision in Thai farm.

Smart Farming has a real potential to deliver a more productive and sustainable agricultural production, based on a more precise and resource-efficient approach.


โพสต์โดย Mellow Melon Farm เมื่อ วันเสาร์ที่ 26 ตุลาคม 2019
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We proud to be present our Farm through this Video.

What’s The MellowMelon Farm

The MellowMelon farm was pubished in 2016. up to date is about 3 year passed. Before The MellowMelon Farm is appeared at that time ,We’re a hard worker ,we know is very very difficult thing to make it happen.but we did and we got it. It better than I thought. we start-up from nothing at all until now we have a lot experience and most importance we have nice friend and nice customer. We work hard for them.

Thank you for you guy. We will keepin quality and make the delicious fruits for your hosnestly.

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